Po Chun Lau, Artist

Artist Statement

My journey as a creative artist has been a long one. It has involved continuous learning, exploration, and the development of my skills and methods to convey my observations, thoughts and feelings to all who care to see.  In recent months, I have been experimenting with the combination of wax and burlap for molding images that will convey this ongoing process.  From this experiment emerged a new body of work that I call "Silent Witnesses".


In our urban culture, we are consumed with thoughts of moving forward, thinking constantly what is ahead of us. The presence of a group of Silent Witness sculptures in a garden invites viewers to stop, ponder and contemplate even just for a short period of time.


What are they witnessing? What kind of stories are they trying to convey? Upon encountering these sculptures, viewers may pose the above questions to themselves. The sculptures will invite them to enter a dialogue.  To me, the sculptor, these sculptures transcend time, place, and name. They can be  mothers, daughters, partners, friends…  They attempt to communicate to us something joyful, or something sad; something current, or something past. The open space allows viewers to walk amongst the sculptures, touch them, and become acquainted with them. The communication between the sculptures and the viewers is private and personal.

curriculum vitae

Spirit with Pouch Cove in background