Po Chun Lau, Artist

Where My World Began - Graduate Gallery, OCAD University

From March 28 to April 1, 2012, The Graduate Gallery, OCAD University, featured Po Chun's graduate thesis exhibition.


The place, Pouch Cove and memories of the people who live there, have guided and inspired the work in the exhibition. This body of work reveals universal stories that are rooted in personal experiences. Reflecting on the locals' sense of place through their narratives, and my own sense of place when immersing myself in the daily life of Pouch Cove, the artworks invite viewers to experience 'sense of place' and to interpret it through their own perception.


The mixed media installation is woven together by four separate but connected works - a audio/video projection, a printed book  and two sculpture installation works. Each work attempts to connect the viewers with the place, Pouch Cove, through the physical and material characteristics of each medium presented. Together they create a historical situation, social structure, and a moment of personal and/or collective experience.

Copyright Po Chun Lau. All rights reserved.